The World’s First Community-Driven, NFT-Powered Music Talent Show. Launchpad for the next web3 music star.



Imagine a world without music—a dreary ‘grey’ world with no thrill, no pazzazz, no color, no life. No spirit.

Would you want to live in such a world? Would anyone?!

Across centuries, ages, and the ever-evolving world of diverse cultures and traditions, the love of music remained universal. Talented musicians colored the world with beautiful melodies and exciting rhythm that give soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to the world.

We are, TOGETHER, the guardians of music.

The Elite Music Club - an exciting community of NFT enthusiasts united by the universal language of music. A decentralized revolution changing the game in a music industry that pawns upon music talents, sucking up artists’ magic and profiting off them.

5555 unique collectible Alpacas with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain are about to change NFT space through a universal language - the music. Elite Music Club are a Non-Fungible Tokens on Ethereum, and each Alpaca was created as an ERC-721A standard token, that powers most digital art and collectibles.

The why?

In a world where many treasures of the past had been lost to time, a simple, ancient joy prevailed - the art of original music. Despite the monumental change and innovation that rocked society, a beautiful voice and a catchy chorus could still captivate an audience instantly. While talented musicians could cultivate a loyal following easier than ever, the number of hoops to jump through in order to turn their dream into a career only increased.


al paca story

A young Al Paca who was a musician with a soulful voice and a catalogue of original songs caught the ear of a powerful music executive. Delighted by the news that a big record label wanted to fund some studio sessions and the marketing of an album, the artist signed a contract. A contract signing away the artist’s intellectual property rights to the recordings and a big portion of any earnings that the music made. The young singer-songwriter had become a product of the record company and lost his independence.

the what?

But a new technology was on the horizon. It went by the name of NFT, and it meant that artists just like Al Paca could sell their art directly to their fans. The need for cash injections from corporate machines became obsolete because artists could be funded by the people who loved their art the most. With this revenue, musicians had the means to approach marketing agencies for promotional opportunities themselves. As well as this, they had the unmatched might of social media to spread their art as far as possible.

music icon

The How?

Harnessing their deep love of music and the ever-growing awareness and use of NFTs, a club was created. A club dedicated to showcasing the best musical talent across the globe and creating meaningful connections between the artists and their fans. A club that would educate the world on the magic of NFTs and enable talented musicians to follow their dreams. Elite Music Club was born.



Enrolment to the Elite Music Club Begins

Join Elite Music Club NFT Whitelist

Opportunities on Discord and Twitter;

2000 WL Spots / 3 NFT per wallet

Private Sale / Open Sale of 5555 EMC NFT Tokens

200 tokens reserved for team and further marketing

Airdrop of 50 EMC NFT to Random Holders

Set up DAO Vault

Funding from 35% of ALL future project revenue and royalties

Launch Project Plant 33333 Trees to Support Gaia CO2 Fight

Launch Community-Suggested Ideas

Active Ideas Discord Channel

Finalize Organization and Marketing Plans for first edition of the Talent Show

NFT Educational Campaign Launches Parallel to the Contest

Proceed to the next phases

More details and development roadmap on discord.

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Every alpaca is unique.
Some are more rare and some are less so.
Here is what they consist of:

alpaca image
  • 21 face expressions

    image down border
  • 24 backgrounds

    image down border
  • 11 body colours

    image down border
  • 21 clothes

    image down border
  • 8 neck stuff

    image down border
  • 31 music elements

    image down border
  • 23 eyes versions

    image down border
  • 35 head stuff

    image down border
  • 11 eyes stuff

    image down border
  • 11 ear stuff

    image down border
  • 27 roles

    image down border




avatar: artur



Sound engineer, life coach. He spent over 15000 hours as a sound engineer in one of the most noble recording studios in Poland. He sees a great opportunity to solve the biggest problem of the music market in NFT. And a coming cultural revolution.

avatar: matt



Serial entrepreneur. He has been running offline and online businesses for over 15 years collaborating and connecting entrepreneurs internationally. Member of many alpha NFT communities.

avatar: kasia



A rising star of the Polish cartoon graphics scene. For about 10 years she has been passionate about creating graphics and she has a special fun with building characters with unusual proportions of the body and face. In her career, she has already cooperated with clients such as MiniMini+ or Polish National Forests.

avatar: monika


social media

Mentor of women's businesses. Creates strategies and supports the development of authentic personal brands in social media. She amplifies the voice of women in the online world. After work she logs off for a concert, a walk by the sea or a bike ride.

avatar: piotr


marketing & communication

Language specialist, Buffalo University graduate, involved in online sales since 2006. Mentored by the best marketing minds in the business. Excited and taking action on the infinite abyss of possibilities that is NFT and blockchain architecture. Also Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt.

avatar: nextrope


dev team

Recognized as a Top B2B Company in Blockchain during Clutch 2021 Global Awards. 30 blockchain nerds led by a man on the Forbes 30 before 30 list are here to provide the highest quality technological aspects.


What is Elite Music Club?

The World’s First Community-Driven, NFT-Powered Music Talent Show. Launchpad for the next web3 music star.

So is it only for musicians?

No. Although all musicians are welcome to join Elite Music Club, the benefits of membership will go to anyone who understands that NFTs are not just expensive pictures from the Internet.

How many NFTs are in this collection, and why not everything is on sale?

The entire collection is 5555 tokens, although 200 are not for sale. We are reserving 50 for the team, 50 for giveaways to holders, and 100 for future collaborations with people in the music business.

How to get on the whitelist?

If you are connected with the music market, you are an artist, producer, sound engineer - apply with us. If you have nothing to do with the industry - you can still win a place on the whitelist in contests organized every day on our discord and social media.

On what network is Elite Music Club available?

The Ethereum Blockchain.

When is the mint?


What is the purpose of that project?

We will start by hosting world's first decentralized music talent show with our club members as judges. With this, we want to accelerate the mass adoption of NFT technology through a universal language - music. The next step is cooperation with festivals and activities in the metaverse and we are talking about this inside the club.

How would I benefit from this?

As a member of Elite Music Club you participate in the implementation of NFT technology in the music market. This market is estimated to be worth more than $130 billion. At the very beginning of this journey, you are becoming a jury member of an international music competition that we organize on the most popular social networking platform - TikTok.

Can everybody mint?

Yes, anyone can mint. However, we have 2000 spots on whitelist for the pre-sale, which will start 24hrs before the open sale

How can I buy Elite Music Club NFT

The collection will be sold on the minting site, we will make the link available before the sale.

What is the mint price?


What about GAS prices?

To reduce gas prices, we have implemented ERC721A standard. It is an improved implementation of the ERC721 standard that supports minting multiple tokens for close to the cost of one.